Love Rings

Few days ago, I was looking into rings given as pledges of marriage and tokens of love, I stumbled upon Cartier’s amazing advertisement video, titled “The Proposal”. It has all the elements to entice the viewer. The creative storytelling, the settings, the actors, the music bring joy to your heart. You want to live that… Read More Love Rings

Canadian Jewellery Designer – Marjaneh Amin

If you ever fantasized about visiting a jewellery designer’ studio, where you can express your desire and be involved in the creative process, in a friendly unassuming ambience, Marjaneh Amin is one designer not to miss. Her designs whether hand made or production have an excellent craftsmanship and finish. Her tasteful choice of colours are… Read More Canadian Jewellery Designer – Marjaneh Amin

Dress for Success

The working professional woman wants to look at her best, resourceful, intelligent and stylish. The reality is that we are judged by our appearances. The way we dress, accessorize, grooming, and our manners affects how others perceive us. Dressing up and carrying the right accessories projects success. The value of confidence is rewarding in every… Read More Dress for Success